“The reason why physiology and medicine have failed to perceive the myths behind aging is that they have failed to recognize the fundamental fact that all humans beings are self-aware, self-sensing, and self-moving: they are self-responsible somas.” ~ Thomas Hanna


Soma is a greek word that means “living body”. Not the body viewed by a doctor from the outside but a body viewed by the person who inhabits the body and knows what it is like to live inside of the body. In a somatic movement class we explore simple movements to identify muscle patterns thus helping the brain to identify our own patterns. By identifying our own patterns we can then pin point the root cause of our chronic pain and reduced range of movement. Once our brain becomes familiar with our present pattern we can change the pattern. Thus we are using self-awareness and self-sensing to self-correct.

The true beauty of this work is that anyone can do it and it can be done anywhere. A somatic movement class gives you the tools to a relaxed and balanced body where ever you go without any machines or props.

Things to remember when doing a somatic movement practice:

  • Your primary task is to focus your attention on the internal sensations of movement.
  • Ideally, you should do your Somatic Exercises while lying on a rug, mat or blanket, wearing loose clothing, and being away from all distractions.
  • Always move gently and slowly and with the least possible effort.
  • Do not force any movement.
  • Somatic Exercises are never painful