I am passionate about working with people and giving them the tools neccessary to live the best possible live they can without pain.  I started as a massage therapist in 1995. I was in a massage class when a yoga reference was suggested as a followup exercise after a treament. Being the sketical person I am, I had to check this out for myself.  I registered for a beginner yoga class and the Yoga Center and was hooked.  I have now been doing massage and yoga for over 20 years.  Massage affects the physical body; muscles, bones, fasciae, blood vessels with manual pressure and manipulation of a massage therapist. Yoga affects the physical body with movement creating pressure and manipulation.  Both massage and Yoga create a feeling of wellness. It was when I was introduced to CranioSacral Therapy (CST) that I was introduced to the power that resides in each of us, Our Inner Physician.  This is the psychological side to both yoga and massage that leaves us with a feeling of wellness. We have the ability to heal ourselves if we can identify what needs to be done.  Of course I am not claiming to replace a broken hip or cure cancer but many of our ailment today are not just a broken part, the human psychy also needs to be healed.  By applying CST and Myofascial Realease or practicing yoga the innate wisdom of the person can help to heal the apparent wounds.  I soon began  to understand the importance of fascia.  As I studied CST and fascial realease my yoga practice changed.  I realized that alignment of the skeletal structure and the free moving fascial system gives a person strength both physically and psychologically.  My latest interests, Critical Alignment Yoga and Hanna Somatic Education both follow that philosophy. Movement; functional, natural movement is the key to remaining healthy through our whole lives.

I believe that everyone can move through life with ease and without suffering.  It is a choice.  Once you choose to  live a life without pain you must find the root of your infliction.  To find the root of your infliction you must listen to your own body.  The desion is yours to make.  I can offer you some of the tools to do that.